The HealingThings Shop provides you with tools with which to work towards your own Healing.

Every person is different and will respond differently to these therapies. Please view the Illness pages for indepth evidence based information about these therapies.

To our knowledge, we have never seen negative side effects produced by any of these products or any protocols developed using them.

These are NATURAL therapies which are designed to help you allow your body and mind to remember its purpose and re-learn how to heal.

If you are currently on any pharmaceuticals, talk to your physician and express to him / her what you want to do. Many Physicians are moving towards Integrative Medicine, combining the use of Alternative Therapies with a measure of Pharmaceuticals. Partner with them to ensure your safety.

Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy & Nutrition Therapy

Our Essential Oils are sold on a wholesale basis requiring an account to be established. We will be more than happy to schedule a FREE phone consultation to discuss the Essential Oils and your specific needs. Please click the button to fill in the form and the Aromatherapist will contact you at your requested time.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy - Healing Frequencies

Our recommended Music for Music Therapy is available several ways. You can:

Purchase for download  or on CD - Music Only - Click the link below

Chroma is available in a combo pack giving you 1 - DVD and 1- BluRay disc. This gives you the 7 healing frequencies with the visual imagery of Natures Healing Fractals. - Click the link below